Top 5 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know


3. How to Peel Garlic

Peeling garlic can sometimes be a pain especially if you have to peel a whole bunch of them. It can also get messy and takes a lot of time. Therefore, there is a hack to peel a bunch of garlic all at once and you can do this by putting all the garlic you need in a bowl. Then, simply yet surprisingly just shake the bowl. This actually works. Mind blowing right?

4. How to Defog Your Washroom Mirrors

Most of us would have experience our mirrors getting foggy after taking a long hot shower, and defogging it can sometimes be time consuming and annoying. Therefore, with this life hack you could defog your mirrors in no time. Just use your hairdryer and dry the mirrors. It is much faster than using a cloth and manually wiping it down. Instead, within thirty seconds you will have beautiful clean mirrors.

5. Organizing Your Cable Cords

It is normal that our cable cords get all tangled together and it is difficult to untangle them or we are just too lazy to bother doing so. Anyhow, you can use paper clips or alligator clips to organize your cable cords. Just clips your clips along a table. Then using the handle, place your chords there. Now you will have a much organized and cleaner work space.

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