The Existence of Unicorns?


Furthermore, many young kids think of unicorns as a means of rainbows and believe that they will also fly into the sky and become a unicorn. Some do not believe that unicorns are fantasy. They are actually influenced a lot of TV shows and other sources of media that portray unicorns as something that is cool and that all kids must like.

On the other hand, some people completely believe that unicorns are not real and are just a means of fantasy. They do not think there are such things as flying creatures in the sky. They see those who see unicorns as real as something to laugh at. They are not trying to be mean but they just don’t see how there could be such creatures.

So are unicorns a belief or are they real? Are there such things as flying horses and sparkling rainbows in a world above us? We all have ours ways of thinking and our own beliefs so it is not odd that some may have stronger feelings that there are unicorns while some think that is nonsense.

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