The Existence of Unicorns?


Unicorns can be interpreted so different by people all around the world. Some believe there are such things as horses with wings and a horn on the top of its head while some laugh at the word unicorn. Unicorns are usually associated with things like rainbows and sparkles and pastel colored things. Most of these beliefs are just what little kids have made up. However, are these things real or are they just something is imaginative. No one knows for sure. There are many ancient myths that talk about flying horses that bring good luck and have brought the world together as it is today. Moreover, people have claimed that unicorns have brought those fortunes and good luck while others say that unicorns are just dolls and have nothing to do with your life.

First, there are many myths that talk about unicorns bringing the world together and bringing peace into your lives. They think of unicorns as their god or as the creator of their world. They believe that one day; a species of unicorns came onto Earth and created us humans. In addition, they believe that unicorns are everything in their life and are very dependent on them as something that gives them good luck. For some, whenever something good happens in their life, they say that unicorns helped them.

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