Places to Have Fun With Friends

Friends are one of the most important people in our lives and it is crucial that we hang out with them and have fun with them. It is important to give back to the people that have cared for us and shown us so much love. We may not notice it but we are very

Top 5 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

There are numerous ways to make your life easier and these ways are so simple yet many people do not even know them. These take less than thirty seconds to do and the impact it will have on your everyday life will be immense. Here are the top five life hacks that everyone should know.

Foods That Do Not Look As Good As They Taste

There are many foods that do not look as good as they really taste. They may look ugly on the outside but they are actually very delicious. Some may look too realistic, the color is ugly or the texture is odd. Below, are the top five foods that people usually turn away from because of

Gifts to Avoid Giving to a Friend for their Birthday

One of the hardest decisions and choices in life is choosing what gift to give to people. You may not know if they actually like it or not and if they will not like you because you gave them something that they dislike. In addition, you do not know if they may talk behind your

Does the Music You Listen to Affect Your Daily Life?

Music has become the center of our lives. We listen to music everywhere we go and everywhere we go, we hear music. Music can act as something that helps us relax and get less stressed or it can make us more energetic and create a happy atmosphere at parties or big events. However, we listen

17 Prom Photos that went Horribly Wrong

For teenagers prom is one of the biggest highlights of high school. A great night of dancing, beautiful dresses, music, food and that feeling of young love. It is all capped off by the prom photos that forever capture the moment of being young and in love, or with friends and just plain happy. However,

20 WTF Wedding Photos

The wedding is a time to come together with the one you love and celebrate. Most people find ways to celebrate that represent their unique personalities and interests. However for some of these couples their unique personalities and interests probably should have been kept out of the wedding, for others it probably made for a