Out of the World Ice Cream Flavors


Another weird ice cream flavor is bacon ice cream. That may sound very gross and unappealing for some. Just as the name says, this ice cream is made out of bacon. There are also chicken and turkey ice creams. Although it may sound very bad, it is much healthier than chocolate and vanilla ice creams. They make these meat type ice creams by cutting up the meat and mushing it so that it forms a paste. Then they add milk and sugar and mix them altogether.



In addition, there is such thing garlic ice cream. Most people will have a look of dismay on their face when they first hear this because of the word garlic. It is spicy and just eating an ice cream out of it can sound horrible. However, do you know the benefits of garlic? It is especially good for your body and cleans out your system. Therefore, you do not like just eating garlic on its own; it is great to try a garlic ice cream.

Some other ones include octopus ice cream, spicy pepper ice cream, mustard and ketchup ice cream, horse meat ice cream and hamburger ice cream.

As you can see, there are so many different flavors of weird ice cream flavors with many more to come. Have you tried any of these before?

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