Out of the World Ice Cream Flavors


Have you heard of ginger ice cream? How about cucumber ice cream or macaroon ice cream?

Well, there is such ice cream in the world. Some of them may sound incredibly amazing while some not so much. Before, we would have only heard of vanilla and chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Today, there are over hundreds of thousands of flavors. Ice cream which was used as a desert to make people happy and excited but now it has become weirder and weirder. It seems as if they are running out of ice cream flavor ideas and are just using anything they see and can get their hands on.

One of the weirdest ice cream flavors is crocodile egg ice cream. Yes, you saw that right. This is ice cream make from the eggs of crocodiles. This originated in the Philippines. The inventor of this ice cream claims that this ice cream is very healthy and contains a lot of protein because of the crocodile eggs. She gets the crocodile eggs from ones that did not get hatched, so she is not killing the population.

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