Mind Blowing Types of Art


The next type is realism. There are some pieces of art that are just so realistic. You cannot even tell whether that is an actual real object or a painting. The object seems as if it is three dimensional and is popped out of the drawing. It is magnificent how someone can create the different shadows casted by the object and the reflections and places where light hit it. In addition, the realism of drawings of human beings is just crazy. Wrinkles on clothes, veins, eyes, and hair on some paintings look like it is actually a real person. It is just mind blowing.

The third type is sculptures. This is quite similar to sand art. People carve from clay and form magnificent pieces of art. Especially the hair one some human sculptures are just incredibly real looking.

In short, art has become so magnificent and mind blowing and it will continue to become better and better.

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