Mind Blowing Types of Art


There are so many types of art in the world today that sometimes, we do not even notice some of the most mind blowing ones. Art is what makes a culture unique. Every culture has their own types of art and most people are attracted through a means of visual aid. Art is never a right or wrong answer. There is never a definite answer unlike a math question which only has that certain answer, and if you don’t get that specific answer, you are wrong. Of course, this is obviously not the case in art. Art is very expressive and is interpreted very differently by people all around the world. Our society has become so advanced and so has the art. There are some forms of art that are just mind blowing and leaves you speechless, wondering how someone could have created something like that. A few of those include sand art, realism, and sculptures.

The first type is sand art. Sand art, just by its name, already sounds so interesting, and no doubt, it is. Sand art is not just putting sand on top of sand. It is about carving the sand using your hands and some simple tools to create realistic figures. Artists use a type of sand with mud and water to create the figures. It is mind blowing that someone can create such a realistic sculpture solely out of sand and some people can’t even create a simple sand castle. People become as curious as to how someone can create, for example, each strand of hair on a human sand art.


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