Gifts to Avoid Giving to a Friend for their Birthday


2. Incorrect Sized Clothing

Another gift that you should avoid is clothing that is not the right size. If you are not sure what size your friend is you shouldn’t give them clothing. You should decide on a different gift where you wouldn’t need to know their clothing size. Giving incorrect sized clothing causes them trouble because either they have to throw it out or they have to go the store and exchange it.

3. Opposite of their Interests

A third gift that you should not give to a friend is something that is opposite of what they like. For example, if they like the color pink but you give them something in black, then they will most probably not like it. Therefore, you would think about what they like. Think back to the conversations you last had with them. Did the mention anything that would cause a spark and result in you to remember something that they like?

However, if the people you are giving the gifts to are you real friends, you shouldn’t worry. Mistakes happen and friends forgive each other in these small situations. Just remember to not make the same mistake again. Just laugh it off and have a fun time together.

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