Foods That Do Not Look As Good As They Taste


There are many foods that do not look as good as they really taste. They may look ugly on the outside but they are actually very delicious. Some may look too realistic, the color is ugly or the texture is odd. Below, are the top five foods that people usually turn away from because of the way they look?

1. Pickled Eggs

Pickled eggs may look very ugly and unappealing but in reality, many people love them. If you look just by appearance, most will not choose pickled eggs, but give it a try and you will love it after just one bite. Pickled eggs have a pink color exterior and give them a look that they are spoiled or rotten, but obviously it is not. It has a very unique taste difference from normal eggs.

2. Oysters

Another food that looks ugly but tastes amazing is oysters. Sea foods in general do not look very appealing but it tastes very good. Oysters just look too creature-like which makes people turn away from them. They are usually served in shells and with grass like vegetables which make look ugly. However, you shouldn’t be scared just because it is sea food, you should always try it.

3. Black Bean Stew/Soup

Black bean soup is another food that doesn’t look as good as they taste. It looks like mud or dirt and doesn’t smell particularly good either.

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