Does the Music You Listen to Affect Your Daily Life?


For those, the great majority of you, who listen to pop music, you are also greatly affected by that music especially by the lyrics. Therefore, it is crucial that you listen to songs with good lyrics and no nonsense or your life would turn in that direction. Most people who listen to pop music want to become like the celebrity or singer who sang the song. However, this is not always a good thing because celebrities live a different lifestyle than the average person. Overall, you should choose pop music that has a positive outlook on life and on music that would affect you positively.

Then, there are people who listen to rap music. Usually, people who listen to rap music dress like the singers who sing the rap. Just like those who listen to pop music, those who listen to rap music want to be like the celebrities who rap the songs. Not to be stereotypical, but you can tell right away for most people if they listen to rap music or not.

In short, music isn’t everything that determines who you are but it does affect you depending on what type of music you listen to on a daily basis.

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