Are Fortune Tellers Really Telling the Truth?


One of the biggest controversies in the industries that predict people’s futures is whether or not they are true or not. Is the person telling you your future plans really telling you the truth or is all this made up and your future is actually undetermined until it actually happens? There are people on both sides of the spectrum, those who strongly believe in fortune tellers and what they predict for you and those who think fortune tellers are nonsense and are just false information about your life.

You enter a little room. You put your hands on a globe, for instance. Then the person sitting across from you just tells you how your family would be like and your future plans and achievements. However, how did that person know from just you touching a little globe? Did they really see into the future? No one knows for sure. There are cases where the future teller was exactly right and it actually happened just like how the fortune teller told him/her. In addition, most people who believe in future tellers are those who have won good luck and was told by the fortune teller that they would. Overall, it is mainly just the people who have had an event the same as what they were told that believe in fortune tellers.

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