15 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Out to Get You


Cats are evil, plotting, insane fluffballs. That much is fact. Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows this is true. If you don’t own a cat or you have just recently gotten a cat, then you just have yet to experience life with a cat. Each and every day it becomes more and more obvious that while they may look cute and cuddly, they are really just biding their time. Don’t believe me? Just wait…

1. They Are Cunning



Sure, you may have just pulled out that fresh cut of salmon to make yourself dinner, but look evil cat has beaten you to it. Coming in like the ninja they are and stealing your food. Not only does it make them stronger, but they know that the loss of your salmon will likely have you going out for dinner. That double cheeseburger replacement will just slow you down later…

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