Images Of The Tiniest Tea Cup Dogs

People like tiny things because the smaller something is the cuter it is. That’s the logic that has inspired tons of toys and plenty of cute little accessories. Smaller also means more portable, so a tiny teacup dog that you can fit in your shirt pocket is much easier to take places than a large

15 Movie Mistakes

When it comes to making a movie it can be hard to get all the details right, especially when takes are done over and over again. However, when you are watching the movie, it is hard to miss when a movie makes a huge mistake. Some of these mistakes are glaring and obvious during the

15 Craziest Urban Legends

Urban legends have a way of sparking the imagination. They can be scary, creepy, funny or just plain strange. These urban legends are some of the weirdest urban legends we have ever heard. Some of them are scary and some are funny. Some are true and some are completely made up. Do you think you

Are Fortune Tellers Really Telling the Truth?

One of the biggest controversies in the industries that predict people’s futures is whether or not they are true or not. Is the person telling you your future plans really telling you the truth or is all this made up and your future is actually undetermined until it actually happens? There are people on both

Mind Blowing Types of Art

There are so many types of art in the world today that sometimes, we do not even notice some of the most mind blowing ones. Art is what makes a culture unique. Every culture has their own types of art and most people are attracted through a means of visual aid. Art is never a

Out of the World Ice Cream Flavors

Have you heard of ginger ice cream? How about cucumber ice cream or macaroon ice cream? Well, there is such ice cream in the world. Some of them may sound incredibly amazing while some not so much. Before, we would have only heard of vanilla and chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Today, there are over

The Existence of Unicorns?

Unicorns can be interpreted so different by people all around the world. Some believe there are such things as horses with wings and a horn on the top of its head while some laugh at the word unicorn. Unicorns are usually associated with things like rainbows and sparkles and pastel colored things. Most of these

Ways to Make Your Friday Night Fun

Do you come back from work or school on a Friday and just do not know what to do? All your friends are busy and you are just at home spending your Friday night without any fun? Friday is a day that is supposed to fun and a few hours away from work or homework